Here you will find a collection of reflections from COPLACDigital faculty, examining their experiences with this project.

Benjamin Bankhurst — "Empowering Digital Work"

Dr. Bankhurst, an Assistant Professor of History at Shepherd University, details how his experience teaching for COPLACDigital empowered him and his students to do transformative digital work on the history of the American Revolution.

Headshot of Dr. Brenda Brown

Brenda Brown — "Creating Community in COPLACDigital"

Dr. Brown, a Professor of English at USAO, reflects on how, despite the physical distance between professors and students, the technology and pedagogy of her COPLACDigital class were able to create a strong, cohesive class community.

Headshot of Dr. Ken Cooper

Ken Cooper — "Distances"

Dr. Cooper, an Associate Professor of English at SUNY Geneseo, reflects on his Spring 2018 COPLACDigital class, "Storied Landscapes," as well as COPLAC's carbon footprint and an environmentally sustainable future for COPLACDigital.

Headshot of Dr. Rebecca Dierking

Rebecca Dierking — "Bratty Becky and Comprehending the Benefits of COPLAC"

Dr. Dierking, an Associate Professor of English Education at Truman State University, examines her preconceived notions of COPLAC and outlines the benefits of teaching her COPLACDigital course, "A Burning Idea."

Headshot of Dr. Chiquita Howard-Bostic

Chiquita Howard-Bostic — "Social Justice Chronicling"

Dr. Howard-Bostic, an Associate Professor of Sociology at Shepherd University, reflects on how her intimate, service-oriented class "Social Chronicles" made significant impacts upon herself, her co-teacher, her students, and the community.

Headshot of Dr. Jessica Wallace

Jessica Wallace — "From COPLACDigital to Salem Witch Trials"

Dr. Wallace, an Assistant Professor of History at Georgia College, details how her experience teaching a COPLACDigital course has helped her develop and offer digital history courses, such as one on the Salem Witch Trials, of her own.

Headshot of Dr. James Welch IV

James Welch IV — "Interdisciplinarity in the Digital Liberal Arts"

Dr. Welch, President of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, explains how he and his co-teacher approached their course from an interdisciplinary perspective, as well as how the course deeply benefitted from this approach.