In this course, students from various COPLAC institutions will design websites archiving historical events and community engagement at local organizations. Each student will identify symbols that represent important moments and memories related to the organization. They will also use music via sound and lyrics to represent the organization's history. Students will research history and culture, colunteer to engage the community, and showcase their personal experiences and revelations. A synchronous digital classroom experience will allow students to creatively use multiple digital tools and assignments to chronicle personal, community-centered experiences.

Tina Holmes-Davis, Assistant Professor of Music Education — Georgia College

Chiquita Howard-Bostic, Associate Professor of Sociology & Criminal Justice — Shepherd University

Media Credits for Course Flyer

Charity [icon ID 766092]. Created by Made by Made (Charity Collection). Downloaded from thenounproject.com, https://thenounproject.com/icon/766092/ (PNG format). CC BY 3.0 US. Colored by Leah Tams.

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