This section of the COPLACDigital Handbook addresses the logistics of scheduling and planning your course, including considerations for marketing the class to students, building the syllabus, and developing websites that educate and appeal to the public.

Pre-Course Items

Course Description

Before your workshop at UMW, work with your co-teacher to craft a course description that can be distributed to the COPLAC member schools for student recruitment. Sell your course in this document—make the class sound exciting, yet also give the students a clear idea of the nature of the content and the work that will be involved. Bring that course description to the workshop—we have set aside time for Jeff, Ellen, Emma, and your workshop colleagues to help you refine the description.


This piece is addressed in several other places in the handbook. As you prepare for the workshop, begin a list of the COPLAC member institutions that might be most interested in your class because of their location, mission, or student demographics. Also make a list of departments/disciplines that could be attracted to your course. We will take some time during the workshop to brainstorm the publicity strategies and tactics for each course, but this preliminary legwork will allow us to move the discussion along more quickly. (See Recruitment section.)


The registration process is also covered in the How the Courses Work section above. For planning purposes, keep in mind that the ideal is to have all students committed to your class by the end of the early registration periods on the COPLAC campuses—however, these early registration dates vary. Therefore, you may not have a complete list of your students until the latter part of the semester before you will teach your class. Ellen, Jeff, and the COPLAC office will help to promote your course throughout the early registration period, but go ahead and contact students to welcome them aboard as they commit to your class, rather than waiting for a final list. (See Retention section.)

Important Considerations
Nuts & Bolts
Working with Your Co-Teacher