This section of the COPLACDigital Handbook includes the practical process/housekeeping pieces of course planning, from recruitment to registration and submitting grades.

Keeping Digital Liberal Arts at the Center: Remember that a central goal of COPLACDigital is to expand COPLAC faculty and student facility with digital tools and techniques. This means that the use of digital tools and creation of digital projects should be a central part of each and every COPLACDigital course. Ask Jeff and Ellen if you have any questions about this requirement.


At the faculty workshops, Ellen, Jeff, and the co-teaching teams will identify key departments/programs that we want to target for each course. “Target markets” will vary, depending on the course topic and methodologies involved.

About one month before most schools begin their advising for early registration (mid-September for spring courses, late February for fall courses), COPLAC staff, Ellen and Jeff, and each faculty team will begin the student recruitment process. COPLAC staff will send information to each member institution’s Chief Academic Officers, and Ellen, Jeff, and co-teachers will reach out to deans, Undergraduate Research, Honors, and other key departments/programs on each campus. We will also send these materials to the other Mellon Grant participants at each member institution, so that they can help recruit on their campuses.

Our FAQ will answer the most common questions about COPLACDigital. Other questions not answered there or in this Handbook should be directed to Leah Tams at

Interested students will first go through the vetting process that each campus decides is best (some institutions use a committee, other nominations go to a dean or provost), and each campus will respond with nominations by the deadline that we set in the recruitment materials.

Student nominees will complete a COPLACDigital application form. (See application form in Appendix B.)

Students with Disabilities
Course Scheduling